Your Thursdays just got better!


Let’s be honest, Thursdays can be a drag. It’s the day before the weekend- the part of the week we all wait for- and we just want it to end. Well, now there’s something we can all look forward to on Thursdays each week.

Every Thursday night from 6pm – 9pm, Elevate Trampoline Park will have Themed Thursdays! Every week Elevate Trampoline Park will post a theme on their social media platforms and if you come dressed up related to that theme on Thursday night, you get to jump for $7/hour. It’s as easy as that!

  1. Check Elevate Trampoline Park’s social media platforms (FB, Instagram & Twitter) for the theme of the week.
  2. Show up Thursday night between 6pm – 9pm at Elevate Trampoline Park in a costume matching the week’s theme and…