Take your Saturday nights to the next level

Kids under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult
Have you ever wondered what Elevate Trampoline Park looks like in the dark? Or what it would be like to jump in pitch darkness? Well, you’re in luck! Every Saturday night from 8pm- 11pm, Elevate Trampoline Park has Black Out Night for only $20 and only for ages 12 and up. That’s right, no kids under 12 allowed! Elevate Trampoline Park kills the lights starting at 8pm and turns on black lights, laser swarm lights and blast some great music. With the cheap price and the age limit, you will have free reign of the…
  • Wall to Wall trampolines
  • Dunking courts
  • Parkour court
  • Slacklines
  • Fidget ladders
  • Jumping pits
  • Dodgeball courts
  • Ninja training course
And, even though the doors will be closed to kids under 12, Elevate Trampoline Park keeps their concession stands opened so you can take a break and refuel whenever needed. So leave the kids at home Saturday evenings and come to Elevate Trampoline Park for an epic time!