Do Your Toddlers Need a Little Time to Themselves?

Monday through Thursday, if you need to get your kids out of the house, bring them here. Elevate Trampoline park has a dedicated kids area, where your little ones can bounce anytime they come in, but during Toddler Time, the whole park is a kids zone! If you’re wondering about it, here’s how it’s going to go:
  1. Your kids will come in
  2. Your kids will run wild
  3. Your kids will eat lunch
  4. Your kids will repeat step 2 (run wild)
  5. Your kids will be exhausted
  6. Your kids will take a long nap.
  7. Repeat daily M-Th.
  8. Repeat weekly
So, come in Monday through Thursday, jump for 2 hours between 10:00am and 2:00pm and only pay $7.00 per child ages 19 months to 7 years old!
1 parent (or guardian) can jump for free, but will be charged $2 for their Grippy Socks (Mandatory). If you bring your socks from a previous jump, the $2 will be waived!
While the kids are having the best time ever, burning tons of calories and exhausting themselves, you can jump with them, or relax in one of our many plush couches or lounge chairs; your choice.
Make sure you take advantage of Boost Up, our in-park restaurant, to make you an awesome and inexpensive lunch.